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Brakes and Suspension


The reason a vehicle has a braking system is simply to allow it to stop! It is controlled by a foot pedal and also either a parking brake or hand brake.
The Brakes also allow you to perform emergency stops if you need to.

This is why it is vitally important that your braking system is fully operational and working at optimal performance, it is also a legal requirement for your brakeing system to work and the brakes are checked on an M.O.T.

Like most other components on a vehicle the braking system will deteriorate over a long period of time, making it difficult for you to notice when the performance of the brakes is not how it should be, having your brakes checked could save you money in the long run as replacing them before they wear out will prevent damage to other components.

Brake pads will usually need replacing at about 30,000 miles.


There are many jobs that suspension has on a vehicle, mostly it is to ensure that it maximises the friction between the tyres and the road surface to provide stable steering and ride comfort.

If our roads were perfectly flat with no imperfections there would be no need for suspension.

Normally made up of a set of springs and a set of dampers (shock absorbers) suspension has been around since the Egyptians invented leaf springs for there catapults.

Again although it varies the average shock absorber will need changing around 50,000 miles.

A recent RAC survey found 25% of vehicles had one or more deficient shock absorbers, causing an increase in braking distances of over 11% or 22.5 feet at 70mph!


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