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An exhaust is one of the hardest working parts on a vehicle, although it has no moving parts.

It is made up of a series of pipes connecting the engine to a silencer and normally via a catalytic converter, the exhaust does the following;

  • Controls noise
  • Improves engine performance
  • Ensures gasses are directed away from the occupants of vehicles
  • Improves fuel consumption
The start of an exhaust is called the manifold, this is bolted to the engine and is there to channel the gasses produced by a firing engine.

The manifold then goes into a pipe which is connected to a catalytic, the catalytic converter removes a certain amount of harmful gasses created by an engine.

After the catalytic converter the gasses are then pushed through a silencer which reduces the noise level of an engine.

Did you know that when you start your engine especially from cold, significant amounts of water and corrosive chemicals are produced as a by-product of combustion? These corrosive elements gather in the silencer boxes and attack the metal from the inside, which can lead to holes developing.


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